A New Paradigm Of Government (ANPOG)

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  • The PEOPLE RULE their government, and NOT conversely so;
  • NO payroll taxes, or taxes on savings, checking, or other private account;
  • NO real estate or property taxes, and no taxes on utilities;
  • NO taxation for any aspect of government, unless you agree to support it by voting for it yourself;
  • Being free to live your life as you see fit without laws, rules, or regulations dictating what you may, or may not eat, drink, smoke —or otherwise— as long as you’re not harming another person’s life, liberty, or property in the process;
  • Term limits for ALL elected, and appointed offices;
  • NO elected or appointed persons are above, or beyond the law, or with any ability to exempt themselves from any law, rule or regulation, or set themselves separate from the People in any way;
  • ONLY the People get to decide what is law, or not;
  • ALL laws —save the respective Constitutions— expire at the end of their third year in existence, unless they are extended for another three years by the People themselves;
  • NO undeclared wars, or foreign entanglements, i.e., treaties of mutual cooperation, massive military spending, or military draft;
  • NO jobs being shipped outside the country;
  • Interest free loans for students;
  • Interest free loans to purchase a primary dwelling;
  • NO egregious regulations dictating what you can, or can’t grow and/or how much on your own property, and where;
  • NO privately owned banks;
  • NO corporations, public or private;

The list is almost endless, when it comes to your personal freedom. Are you ready to help make it all happen?


Prefatory remarks.


With the possible exception of the literary quotes, the information contained herein is not copyrighted, and anyone perusing this site (anpog.org) may freely copy anything in part, or wholly for use elsewhere. In fact, I invite everyone to copy and paste the information at will, as in that way it will be seen by more eyes, and more minds will become aware of the possibilities. If even a small portion of what I have collected here is implemented in whatever way by the citizenry, it will soon begin to manifest itself as the far better choice in that matter of government.

When the ‘control freaks,’ i.e., the political power junkies, are deprived of their ability to lord it over the rest of us by dint of the powers of political office, when those powers are castrated, and they may no longer —in either a legal or lawful way— evince their aberrant psychology, then true human freedom will once again begin to bloom, with wars of attrition, and mass death becoming artefacts of the past.

ANPOG: An Idea Whose Time Is Long Overdue


“When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.”

~ Thomas Paine (1737–1809) ~


“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”

~ George Washington (1732 – 1799) First president of the United States of America ~


“All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

~ John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton ~


“Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law,” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

~ Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), 3rd president of the US 1801–09 ~


“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
~ Abraham Lincoln, (attributed) 16th president of US (1809 – 1865) ~


“Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it…

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

“Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted –and you create a nation of law-breakers– and then you cash in on guilt.

“Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

~ Excerpted from ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ 1957, by Ayn Rand ~


No man-made law has ever stopped anything from happening.

All we really need is but one all-inclusive law, and it is just this: If you harm another’s life, liberty, and/or property in a real and measurable way, then you shall be held to account relative to the harm done, and the intent, or negligence —as such may be shown— under which the harm was initiated. Let the restitution, and punishment —if any— fit the crime.

All other law is nought but an excuse to engage in endless oppression by matter of degree.
The essence of all law is power, and power left unrestrained or untended, becomes unto itself its own supreme authority, existing without limits, for it may be ‘interpreted’ at will to mean just anything its wielder professes or describes, regardless.

The bottom line: If what you are doing is harming no one else in a real, and measurable way, then your acts can not rise to judicial notice, and you MUST be left unmolested by busybody control freaks.



The very bottom line:




— A discussion —


Why the current paradigm isn’t working: Delegation of powers.

Most people are given to believe that yet other people —the politicians, and bureaucrats— are more suited to making decisions for them, than they themselves. The scheme is akin to ‘set and forget,’ for it presumes once someone is elected or appointed to an office of public trust, that he will always be responsible, and honourable. How’s that been working out for you? As history is my witness, when you give the politician or bureaucrat who’s drunk with power the keys to the engine of government, bad things are bound to happen.

From the very beginnings of what amounts to ‘government’ amongst men, there has been a most fearful battle between the forces of good, and the forces of evil. In almost every instance between the two —good, and evil— they invariably resort to one or another vileness, and/or the vain, in order to achieve their ends. The evil do such, if only because it happens to be in their very nature. The so-called ‘good’ do so, when they think it will help their cause, but which invariably ends up hurting them in the end.

In the finality of all things then, they both resort to the very same tactics, and methods, themselves which produce almost identical results, because of the amount of leeway which the current paradigm of government affords those in elected, and appointed office.

The current paradigm equals just this: A small cadre are given the power to rule over the vast majority of the People. The solution then, is to remove that power from that small cadre, and return it to the People where it rightfully belongs.

Now, before I proceed further, allow me to state just this: I do not propose to say that what I put forth here for your consideration, is the be-all, and end-all in that matter of constituted government, for in the main there will always be the individuals, and/or groups who have it in mind that it is they only whom are the best suited to ‘run’ matters. So the problem as I see it, is that constituted government —for the most part— is wrongly constructed, for it lays into the hands of the very few, the most power, itself which is ultimately misused, abused, and totally misconstrued to mean something entirely different from what was intended.

My proposition is put forth with just this in mind: The further away from the levers of political power we might keep those possessing of malicious intent, the less likely it is that they will ever achieve any of their designs against the lot of us by way of political power.

The People, having been essentially eliminated from possessing any real ability to influence matters beyond the voting stage —if indeed they are allowed to vote at all— are mere bystanders in the power play which unfolds before them.

Factor in that matter of ‘voting machines,’ and you’ll soon realise that your vote for all intents, and purposes, simply doesn’t count, because of the rigging of the software, and the padding of the ballots (dead, and/or nonexistent people voting, and other ballot box stuffing shenanigans). The lack of real accountability is endemic to the system itself, and in fact is facilitated by it.

Constituted government of the People, up to this date, and time, has followed pretty much a single paradigm: Representatives are elected or appointed to one or more separate chambers (legislative bodies), making decisions for the rest of us, and an elected/appointed/hereditary executive possessing of vested authority, itself supposedly limited in both scope and purpose.

But all of that has been endlessly shown to be whimsical at best, and deadly at worst, because both the legislative, and the executive, have many times assumed to themselves the ultimate power to conduce whatever evil/vile/selfish result is wanted, at the expense of everyone else, entirely contrary to whatever Constitution.

Such has been the hallmark of the current paradigm from the very beginning, and it is so for one prime reason: No single man or woman can be trusted to do the right, and honourable thing all the time, every time. And when you get a group of those men and women together, they will invariably pursue goals which are antithetically contrary to the best interests of everyone else. If a single man cannot be trusted, then a group of them multiplies that dishonesty by their number.

In the American Republic, hardly had the ink barely dried on the new U.S. Constitution, when evidence of that dishonesty was evinced by way of the Whisky Rebellion (1794), and later, the Alien, and Sedition Acts (1798), both of which happened during the first and second U.S. Presidential administrations respectively.

Prior to those two aforementioned matters, was Shay’s Rebellion (1786-87), where Boston’s wealthy merchants used their financial influence with the elected officials to inflict onerous taxation on the farmers of Massachusetts, resulting in the ruin of many. And again it was all predicated upon an elected, and appointed cadre having little accountability to the People themselves, for once the elected/appointed attained office, they came under the influence of the wealthy, and the politically powerful.

The very big problem there, is that the elected and appointed representatives rarely —if ever— abide by their oaths of office, or keep the promises made to the electorate prior to, or even after they have been sworn into their office/appointment. Once they attain office, their story almost always changes completely.

Further to that is the unfettered influence of the monied interests which seemingly achieve their goals every chance they get —through influence peddling— even when the result is knowingly damaging to the electorate, in one way or another. These ‘monied interests’ care not a whit about the results of their machinations, only that they profit from them, many times egregiously.

Imagine: You’ve paid a lawyer to represent you in a court of law, only to discover that she/he has ‘sold-out’ to the opposition, and thence represents them AGAINST yourself, by failing to support YOU as aggressively as possible! It is the worst sort of perfidy.

Well, that same scenario has happened time and again, when our ‘elected’ and appointed officials —hired by We the People— fall under the influence of those monied interests, and enact laws, rules, and regulations which affront the rights of the People in various ways, many times most deleteriously.

So, after much thought on the matter, and after many exchanges between myself, and friends/acquaintances, I have gelled my thoughts into something which I consider to be quite doable, and in fact would solve many —if not all— of the problems we now face regarding ‘representative’ government, and the totally undesirable influence caused by those inclined to employ their wealth in untoward ways, and at the expense of the People at-large.

Now, remember here, the manner in which American government is constituted, differs in several ways between the local, county, state, and the federal. Largely speaking, in almost all locales, a simple majority of the elected officials is all that’s needed for a law, rule, or regulation to be enacted, and changing any of that is more painful than many might imagine.

In fact, a citizen might end up bankrupting himself in the process, simply because government has essentially unlimited monetary resources at their disposal, whereas the average individual citizen has very limited financial wherewithal to pursue a course of legal action against government. Add to that, that many court cases are made to drag on for years, in order to drain the determined citizen, ultimately ending in his financial ruin. And should he actually succeed? The court system is so rigged as to make compensation for losses nearly impossible in many cases. So, whilst you might ‘win’ your case, you’ll ‘lose the farm’ in order to pay the legal fees.

Another part of the problem with the current paradigm of government, is that the citizen has been —and continues to be— saddled with such a hideous debt incurred by government, a debt for which he may well have TOTALLY disagreed.

HOW is such a situation in the least fair? Is it not the very same thing as saddling a child with his parent’s debt (which it actually does), itself which can NEVER be paid because of the thoroughly egregious ‘interest’ on the debt, otherwise known as usury?

Some may argue: ‘That’s democracy,’ and you either live with it, or you take a hike, and go find someplace else to live!’

But such a stance is both arrogant, and condescending in the extreme, for it presumes to say that the majority is always right, regardless. Well, be telling THAT to the former slaves of the antebellum U.S. Civil War period! Too, be telling that to the Nisei Japanese, who were imprisoned for the thoroughly heinous crime of having been first and second generation Japanese on American shores. Then there were the Kulaks of 20th Century Russia, the Jews of 1930’s Germany, and a whole slew of others whom were subject to the ‘will of the majority.’

Of course, that ‘will of the majority’ is very often the ‘spoken will’ of those in power (the minority), who extrapolate their own personal prognostications to the People at large, pretending to say that ‘everyone agrees’ with them, and so therefore they have the prerogative to act in the name of the People. Very few people possess the moral courage —the intestinal fortitude— to stand up, and declare that ‘no such thing is true,’ without fear of being persecuted, prosecuted, and/or summarily executed.

So much then, for ‘democracy.’

And anyway: In the United States, the People —via the U.S. Constitution— are guaranteed a REPUBLICAN form of government, and NOT a democracy. The U.S. Constitution guarantees every state a ‘republican form of government (U.S. Const. Art. IV, Section 4), and not a ‘democratic form’ of government.

For far too long, the inveterate purveyors of lies, deceits, and half-truths, have been busy conflating the two (republic versus democracy), creating much confusion over the matter, such that many dictionaries now treat both as the one and the same.

See here: Humanity is always biased in one way or another, and such being the case, you can never —ever— trust someone or anyone else to make whatever decisions FOR YOU. You might think you can, but I’m here to tell you than when push comes to shove, the person making the important decisions will keep his own best interests above your own. It is indeed the rare individual who will sacrifice his life, or personal treasure, in order to help save another’s.

So, you see? This is THE weakness of the ‘current paradigm’ of government, for it relies upon those’ elected/appointed representatives’ to make all of the right decisions, all the time, every time. But history reveals that such thinking has been a complete, and total failure from the get-go, for all of the aforementioned reasons.

The Founders of the United States laboured to reach a ‘middle ground’ which they considered to be a workable solution between a pure democracy (which they totally —and rightfully— abhorred), and the Monarchy under which they had slaved, and completely rejected!

Heaven knows that those Founders bent over backwards in many attempts to find a middle ground with the British government, which would have afforded them a proper standing, only to be slapped down, insulted, treated condescendingly, and dismissed as irrelevant upstarts.

And when you consider matters, both democracy, and monarchy, are nothing other than dictatorships by matter of degree: How is it that a certain small cadre are able to dictate to all others how they shall live? Too, how is it that a simple majority should have the absolute power over everyone else?

The Founders of the United States of America were seeking a ‘new paradigm’ of government, which would afford free men the almost total ability to determine for themselves how they would live, as long as they didn’t infringe upon the lives, liberties, and/or property of yet others. Where they failed —monumentally so— was that they neglected to consider the black peoples as an equals to themselves, save outside their realm, i.e., the African Nations.

In the process, they disenfranchised both the American Indian natives, and themselves by extension. Bigotry, and duplicity it seems, know no limits.

It is indeed ironic, that many of the Founders had studied the American Indian tribal traditions, their philosophy on life, considered them at length, and proceeded to adopt those philosophies, especially the sovereignty of the individual, making that philosophy an integral part of the American Constitution, but then dissembled at length when money and power became the greater objects. Indeed, as Thomas Paine had stated: Virtue is not hereditary.

Bearing in mind all of the forgoing, it is my considered opinion that no man, or any group of men, should ever be capable of making decisions which can, and will affect anyone else, because there will inevitably arise those personal considerations which will detract from the lives of all others, in the name of the few, or the one.

No one person, or a group of persons, should EVER be considered as possessing primacy over any —or ALL other— persons, regardless. Each individual must be the captain of his own ship, and the owner of his own life.

Therefore, and therefor, it must be understood that in order for any law, rule, or regulation to become ‘the law of the land,’ that such MUST be accepted by the very largest majority, and MUST NOT in any way, manner, fashion, shape, or form —however obliquely—, infringe upon the individual rights of free people, regardless. And in those instances of the incarcerated, only those rights deemed absolutely necessary to be attenuated in order to maintain proper order.

So, consider that one more time: The very smallest minority (the elected/appointed officials) get to determine how THE REST OF US shall live, and YOU have little, or NO say in that matter, at all!

Really: You do not, because once you’ve voted, and have gone home, the election results are those with which you must live, even if you disagree with them. After all, by participating in the voting process —under the current paradigm— you’ve tacitly agreed to become fully subject to the results, regardless, even if it means making your life a miserable, living Hell.

If you think that such a situation as I’ve explained it is totally acceptable, then please: Read no further!

Are you timid? Or are you brave, and resolute enough to be the master of your own life, unafraid to face life’s challenges unimpeded by some ‘nanny state’ cadre of control freaks?


“Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.”
~ Thomas Jefferson 1796 ~


~ How to fix the current paradigm: Power to the People ~


The Basics


Simply put, the very best way to solve the problem is to place all the power of government into the hands of the People themselves, disallowing any ability of government to make laws, rules, or regulations. Equally important: Outlaw all privately owned banks, and outlaw all corporations both public, and private. More about that shortly.

All voting to be public knowledge, i.e., no secret ballots allowed, all laws —save the respective constitutions— to sunset at the end of their third calendar year in existence, unless the People vote to extend their existence for another three years; all laws/rules/regulations to require a supermajority vote of not less than 80% of all voters in order to be enacted/extended, and no person, regardless, shall be made to pay for the administration of whatever law for which he did not vote in the affirmative

The next step then, is to ‘step outside’ the current paradigm of government (stepping outside the box), and seriously evaluate a better way which —when fully considered— takes us completely away from oppressive government, whilst still fully protecting all of our natural rights (everything enshrined in the U.S. Bill of Rights), and keeps government under such tight rein, that they dare not violate their oaths to office for fear of facing the direst of consequences, and repercussions.

To neatly synopsize the proposed changes which I suggest as a solution to the many problems we now face, and have faced in the past, I put forth the following salient points upon which I shall further elucidate:

• [1] Citizen sovereignty, term limits; secret oaths; the rights of conscience, and silence

• [2] All law, regardless, to be decided by the People themselves in quarterly plebiscites; all ballot results to be public knowledge: NO secret ballots; The result of all voting will be a TRUE reflection of the sympathies, or the antipathies of the People themselves; The majority will NOT rule over the minority, regardless.

• [3] The powers of the executive, implied powers, executive orders/memoranda; ‘state secrets’; war, martial law, declared emergencies; positioning of troops, foreign and domestic; the term ‘national security’ to be outlawed for what it actually means. There shall be no such thing as ‘implied powers,’ either powers are expressly enumerated, or they are not. If not, they are therefore without legal/lawful expression;

• [4] Sunset for all laws, save the various constitutions; Writs of Mandamus, civil asset forfeiture, ‘Admiralty Law,’ corporate law, and ‘black budgets’.

• [5] On that matter of spying

• [6] Printed specie; Taxes, fees, levies, etc.; Privately owned banks; Loans to private interests

• [7] The Census of the Enumeration

• [8] ALL corporations regardless, to be outlawed; ALL private banks to be outlawed, and stock markets to be stringently regulated to prevent rapine.

• [9] Eminent domain, and municipal codes

• [10] That matter of ‘legal fictions’; The posting of judges to the various state and federal benches.


~ Summary ~


By now, you’re probably asking yourself: Just how does the author propose that such a government would work, much less come into existence? And of course, there will be the inevitable naysayers who summarily dismiss the whole idea as totally unworkable, and unachievable. Well, all I might point out in that regard, is that those very same sentiments were expressed before the American Revolution, and again after it was settled, and yet again when the Articles of Confederation were being drawn up.

Further expressions of incredulity were also spoken upon the presentment of the U.S. Constitution to the colonies for their consideration. The special interests of that period were fully intent upon making sure that the American experiment either failed miserably, or at the very least was perverted sufficiently to afford themselves great latitude to work the system for their own personal benefit. Alexander Hamilton was a most classic example of just such a person intent upon working the system for himself. What I propose herein would make any such unethical, and immoral acts next to impossible, if not actually so.

So the simple answer is this: It will work simply because it doesn’t get into your face, onto your back, or into your pockets, and you pay for only those things upon which you vote in the affirmative. It will work because there will not be an insider cadre intent upon perverting matters to vain, and vile ends. They won’t have the chance to make anything happen without the People fully informed assessment of matters, and their direct, personal consent.

The same form of government would exist at all levels of the country, all the way from the local to the federal. Instead of having a minority of the People making decisions for the majority —which is how it exists at present— the People themselves would be the ones making ALL of the decisions. And no, it wouldn’t take up all of your time either. If the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, then being vigilant means being fully assessed of what’s being done in your name, and NOT leaving the important matters of political life to some cadre of insiders not much caring about the consequences of their acts.

An important point: Regardless of how you cut it, ‘representative government’ can NEVER be truly representative, inasmuch as no elected person may ever ‘represent’ all of the People. Certainly he might represent those who voted for him, but not the People who voted against him. So, the electoral minority gets screwed, no matter how you look at things. That situation has got to change!

So, let us start from the beginning: Where government is concerned, START small, and STAY small, and with all power distributed amongst the People themselves! Distributed power cannot much —if at all— be abused, whereas concentrated power is always abused.


~ The Details ~

Proposed changes to the current federal Constitution


[1] Citizen sovereignty, & sovereign immunity; Term limits; Secret oaths; the rights of conscience, and silence; Acquisition of evidence; Extrajudicial punishment, or death

[1a1] The sovereignty of the People

In all cases where any of the People are confronted by matters of law, their sovereignty shall take precedence where actions, or lack thereof, shall have caused no real, and measurable harm to any of the other People, and no one shall seek to pursue whatever course of legal action, regardless. Additionally, no law shall issue which shall violate in whatever way, the rights of the individual, for any such laws are themselves a violation of the People’s sovereignty.


[1a2] Sovereign immunity

In no case —regardless— shall elected, and/or appointed officials, or their assigns, declare immunity from prosecution by dint of the false theory of sovereign immunity. No such immunity shall exist in whatever case when criminal or civil charges are brought to bear. Any person, or group thereof, who shall have sworn an oath of office, or who shall have volunteered/contacted their services under the aegis of whatever sworn office of another, shall be deemed to have relinquished any claim to sovereignty, or whatever immunity otherwise, for as long as that person remains in office, or contracted.


[1b] Term limits for ALL elected, and appointed office

The People elect their ‘representatives’ to whatever government office. However, no person shall serve more than one term, the longest being three years in any particular office, and that includes the exclusion of members of his immediate family, including in-laws, such as to prevent collusion and/or conspiracy to continue the political aims of a particular person or family, beyond one term. This restriction lasts for a period of not less than 20 years for each office held.

Do take note: A person may still serve in another political office, but not in the same legislative or other official body, i.e., he may serve in the House of Representatives, and next in the Senate, or elsewhere. But no member of his immediate family, and in-laws will be allowed to seek the office which he vacated for that 20 year period. Likewise, a jurist may serve continually in the various courts, but not continually in the same court, nor shall any member of his immediate family, or his in-laws.

In the case you wonder, 20 years is a standard human generational period. No one generation should ever be allowed to enforce their own particular brand of politics or whatever agenda, upon multiple generations.

Further to that, fresh new faces, and minds, will be in offices throughout the land, and no inveterate or sustained line of political thinking will infest.

In those cases where there are fewer citizens able/capable/qualified to serve in elected/appointed office because of the 20 year limitation, then that person who has been out-of-office the longest may again serve for one term.

In no case of the above, shall there be any emoluments rendered at the end of the term of office, i.e., no ‘retirement’ or other stipends.


[1c] Secret oaths

~No man may serve two masters~

All persons to public office in the United States, shall PUBLICLY swear the same oath to office prior to actually assuming that office, or executing any official duties. No person who shall refuse to both reveal his membership in whatever secret society, and forswear all previous oaths to whatever other entities, groups, etc., shall hold an office of trust anywhere in the United States, or of the several States, and territories. This shall INCLUDE the exclusion of all religious holdings which in any way, manner, fashion, shape, or form —however obliquely— violate the natural rights of others, regardless.

Any person found to have perjured himself, by still remaining a member of a secret society, or who has pursued a course of action against any other person or group because of religious contention, or in contravention to his sworn oath to the U.S. Constitution, shall be charged with the crime of treason, and if found guilty shall have all properties, and holdings confiscated, to be used to compensate the offended person(s). If whatever harm or death has resulted from his infidelity, and perjury, he shall be arrested, and bound over for trial for those crimes, and upon completion of whatever sentence, declared thenceforth unfit to hold any office —elected or appointed— anywhere the United States shall have primacy in law.


[1d] The rights of conscience, and silence

The right of the People to remain silent under official questioning —regardless— shall remain uppermost when put upon by whatever agent of government, or assigns, and NO judge, NO Jury, or any other person or assign serving in whatever official capacity, shall assume anything other than non-guilt by such silence. BUT, any person remaining silent to questioning regarding secret oaths, shall upon discovery, be charged as described in [1c].

Included in that set of prohibitions, is the right of the People, and their minor children, to NOT receive whatever vaccination, or innoculation for whatever purpose, nor be forced to accept whatever other medication or medical procedure by force of law, or other agency. Further, the absolute right of the People to resort to their chosen form of medicine —whatever that may or may not constitute, and/or entail— shall NOT be interfered with in any way, manner, fashion, shape or form —however obliquely and/or ephemerally— by whatever agency of government, or their assigns.

However, any person shown absolutely to be contagious with a deadly communicable disease —the verification of which shall be validated conclusively by not less than (5) separate, and independent testing laboratories, themselves which shall not in whatever way be connected, and which shall obtain their own assays directly from the accused person at state expense— shall not be medicated against his will, regardless, and at most may be confined at the expense of the state within his own premises with full compensation for lost income, wages, salary or other means of existence, for however long as he may remain considered contagious. This shall include free and timely delivery of food, beverage, and whatever other items from his chosen place(s) of business.

Should it be absolutely proven that he intentionally contracted said disease, then he shall be confined in a secure medical facility, and such compensation as previously mentioned disallowed. The right to not be medicated against his will shall still fully apply, and NO surreptitious attempts shall be undertaken by whatever person(s) to medicate him in whatever way, including additives to food or water.

Any anti-rights legislation (see [2c] below) shall be immediately challenged in criminal court by the cognisant district attorney, or may be pursued by any interested citizen, at the expense of the measure’s proponents, and those persons responsible for the suggested legislation shall be charged with the crime of high treason against the People and their Constitution. This also includes ANY elected, and/or appointed person in government whom are also supporters/sponsors of said legislation.

This is to say: That since NO person, or group, may place any such law before the People themselves, then neither may the U.S. Congress, any state, territory, or political subdivision thereof, engage in that same act without appropriate consequence.


[1f] Acquisition of evidence

No law shall be enacted which summarily demands that any person provide/surrender whatever biological/biometric information for any reason, save as may conditionally be required as a part of evidence gathering —AFTER the fact of a particularly serious crime such as rape, robbery, inflicted injury, murder, or fraud, and where a suspect has been unquestionably identified— purely for the determination of guilt in a trial for that crime, and for no other purposes.

In NO CASE shall any state actor, or assign, attempt to induce, cajole, threaten, or resort to whatever degree of force in order to extract or obtain anything in the way of biological or biometric evidence from any person, regardless.

For any evidence to be collected, the state must first obtain a warrant specifying precisely what is to be taken, and the reason or reasons for that taking. But, ALL such collections shall be via entirely private and certified organisations which shall at all times maintain a chain of custody, and stringently control access to whatever collected evidence in order to eliminate possible contamination or loss, whereupon completion of testing, and upon the conclusion of whatever legal proceedings, shall:

(a) Retain such evidence as may be directed by the court for the purposes of future evidentiary determinations in the case of convictions, or
(b) Return such acquisitions to the person(s) from which the item(s) were taken, requiring a signature by the transferee, and the person(s) owning the materials at the time of transfer, or
(c) Certifiably destroy the collection of all such materials under penalty of law for failure to accomplish such destruction.

Should it be subsequently revealed that whatever biological or biometric evidence was either unlawfully accessed, or obtained by a third party through the failure to certifiably destroy, criminal charges shall be brought against the responsible actors. All such collection organisations shall ensure that no person not directly in their employ shall have access to their facilities, in whatever way, except as may be directed by law.

In NO CASE shall any person connected with a private evidence collection organisation have any contact with police authorities in such a way as to suggest a possible conflict of interest. Further, no person shall engage in the replication of DNA collected from whatever evidence.


[1g] Extrajudicial punishment, or death

Any elected, or appointed official, or their assigns, who either orders, directs, or engages in either extrajudicial punishment, torture, or assassination, shall be charged with conspiracy regardless whether the act was consummated; if bodily harm or death has resulted, the death penalty is mandated for all actors, and for those knowledgeable of the act(s) but who did not reveal the matter in a timely fashion, such a to prevent harm, or to aid in the course of justice.

Further, there shall be NO legal repercussions for so-called ‘whistleblowers,’ inasmuch as anyone making revelations regarding any illegal, or unlawful act(s) shall be considered as to have acted rightly under the law.


[2]The legislative & administrative; emoluments, considerations, compensation, and conflicts of interest; proposed law, voting, & the Initiative Process; All ballot results to be public knowledge; The results of all voting will be a TRUE reflection of the sympathies, or the antipathies of the People themselves; Sunset for all laws; The majority shall NOT in any way, manner, fashion, shape, or form —however obliquely—, rule over whatever minority; The commerce clause; The general welfare clause; The term ‘national security; Political Action Committees; Treaties; No exemptions from full disclosure.

[2a]The legislative & administrative, emoluments, considerations, compensation, and conflicts of interest

Neither shall elected representatives, nor appointees to whatever administrative office —no matter the office they may occupy— possess ANY power to make any law, rule, or regulation, lay and/or collect taxes, or influence anything in a real and measured way.

In the case of appointees to administrative office, they shall suggest whatever law, rule, or regulation which may be seen as absolutely necessary, providing documented proof of need, to their relevant elected body.

In the case of elected representatives, they shall assemble at appointed times, and places, with the other elected representatives of their body, and place before them whatever suggested measures just as they do presently, as well as consider those laws, rule, and regulations which have been suggested by the administrative offices.

Regardless the composition of the respective legislative bodies, in order for any measure to be placed before the People in any plebiscite, not less than two-thirds of all the members of each body must vote in the affirmative for a measure.

Thus, the federal legislature shall require a two-thirds majority of both houses, prior to sending a measure to the States, and the territories. The respective legislative bodies of the States, and the territories, upon evaluation must agree by the same majority prior to passing that on to the People. In whatever case, the sentiments of all sides of an issue, shall be transmitted to the People for their evaluation, and consideration.

In all other bodies, i.e., counties, cities, towns (the political subdivisions), the same process takes place, but with the following exception:
Any law, rule, or regulation not receiving an 80% vote of approval by ALL members of whatever elected body, shall not be placed before the People in a quarterly plebiscite. But in every case, a record shall be kept which delineates the reasons why each elected representative voted a certain way, including why they did not vote, if such be the case. Any member not voting in the affirmative shall be counted as a ‘no’ vote, regardless.

Four times each year, suggested laws, rules, and regulations shall placed on ballots for consideration by the People. Three months prior to each plebiscite, an explanatory pamphlet shall be published with the full text of the proposed legislation, such as to fully inform the voters of the matters to be placed before them.

IMPORTANT POINT: ALL proposed law shall be composed in PLAIN ENGLISH language, with NO legalese allowed. If a proposed law cannot be effectively stated such that the everyday citizen may understand it, then it cannot qualify as law. Further, no legislation shall consist of, nor contain more than a single subject, and fill more than 3 legal sized pages, with 12 point font.

In order for ANY legislation, suggested rule, regulation, or treaty to become law, it shall require not less than 80% of ALL the residents of a voting precinct to BOTH show, AND vote in the affirmative for that ballot item.

This is to say, that if a voting princinct has but 100 people whom are resident voters, and 80 of them (80%) vote in the affirmative for a ballot measure, then the measure passes. Lacking that 80%, the measure fails, and shall NOT again be placed on the ballot for a period of 20 years. More about the 80% number shortly.

A person shall be considered a resident voter only if his primary residence is in that voting precinct. Any other people who own a non-primary residence in that precinct shall have the right to vote only on matters which would directly affect them in entirely local sense, but upon no other matters.


[2b] Emoluments, considerations, compensation, and conflicts of interest

No person to whatever elected or appointed office of the United States or of the several states and territories, shall accept whatever consideration, either before, whilst serving, or after leaving office, from any other person, group, or organisation, be they national or foreign, and for which the office held directly affected the second or other parties via laws, rules, regulations, or contracts. Any person found to have accepted such consideration(s) shall be charged under both the bribery, and conspiracy laws, and if matters reveal that any aspect of war or related belligerent acts was involved, however ephemeral or tenuous, then the charge of treason shall also be levelled against all of the actors. Additionally, if foreign individuals are involved, then they shall be charged with making war against the United States, and aggressively pursued for prosecution accordingly.

Further, no person serving in whatever elected and/or appointed office which shall have been involved in the regulatory aspect a particular industry or other private business concern, and shall neither seek nor accept whatever position —paid, unpaid, or contractual— in that industry or business concern for a period of not less than 10 calendar years after departure from office. This restriction shall also apply to all members of his immediate family, including in-laws. In NO case shall he, or any member of his immediate family —including in-laws— have been employed in the previous ten years in whatever capacity —paid, unpaid, or contractual— in the regulated/affected industry or business concern PRIOR to having been elected or appointed to the affected office.


[2c] Proposed law, & the Initiative Process

In all elections, the People shall have the right to place before their fellows, suggested measures which they shall consider appropriate, but in NO CASE of the preceding —regardless, including whatever legislature— shall any law, rule, regulation or other effect in law, be suggested which shall in any way, manner, fashion, shape or form —however obliquely—, impede, diminish, infringe, limit, contravene, negate or otherwise intrude upon whatever individual right of the People, be put forth.

[2d] All ballot results to be public knowledge; The results of all voting will be a TRUE reflection of the sympathies, or the antipathies of the People themselves

The plebiscite polls shall remain open for seven calendar days, and be open over a broad range of hours, such as to accommodate every voter and afford the convenience of processing their votes.

When a citizen votes, he shall be provided the original copy of his ballot, with the carbon copy being used to tally the vote. That tally shall be IMMEDIATELY made in front of him such as to reveal what the ballot results are at that moment in time, and he shall receive a copy of that tally having a time & date stamp. That result shall remain public knowledge for not less than the longest term of years of whatever political office appears on the ballot, or for not less than three years, whichever is longest.

All ballots are signed by the voter, AND countersigned by a registrar at the polling place. This prevents ballot counting shenanigans.

Should at any time, a voter discover an irregularity, i.e., a discrepancy, in a tallied vote, he may declare the vote to be null and void, which shall require an immediate recount upon verification by of the error by at least one other citizen.

Some might complain about all votes being public knowledge, but that complaint is specious for the following reasons:

— [1] We already know how our elected representatives vote on whatever issue.

— [2] If you attend a political rally, wear clothing, a badge, have a bumper sticker, or place a yard sign indicating your choice for a particular candidate or measure, you’ve already indicated what your choice(s) will be. Ergo, the complaint is null.

— [3] I you speak your mind on whatever matter, then you’ve pretty much disclosed your sympathies.

Such a complaint then, becomes irrelevant as I shall soon reveal.

The reason for public ballots is for taxing purposes. If a citizen votes in the affirmative for a measure which shall require the collection of taxes, fees, levies, or whatever revenue generation, then to be sure that the measure receives the proper level of funding (not less than 80% of all voters), those ballot results shall be used to assess those voting in the affirmative. If a proposed law is to be seen as sufficiently popular, then let that popularity  determine the success, or failure of the proposal.

Any voter not voting in the affirmative, or not voting at all, shall not be made to pay anything in that regard.

Again, because elected representatives will NEVER be able to represent everyone in their towns, counties, districts, or states, then it up to the People themselves to speak their minds directly through their ballots.

In NO case shall ‘voting machines’ be employed, as their ability to be manipulated through software is legion. Rather, all votes shall be by paper ballot (as before in duplicate), and retained for not less than the longest period of an elected office, or for 3 years, whichever is more.

There shall be not less than three recounts of all ballots, and in every case those persons counting the ballots shall not have been involved in a prior count/recount of the current election. All resident voters shall be required to participate in the counts on a rotating basis.


[2e] The majority shall NOT in any way, manner, fashion, shape, or form —however obliquely—, rule over whatever minority

Because all votes are public knowledge, then a recording shall be made for taxing purposes, should such taxes be seen as necessary.

Any voter who either votes AGAINST whatever law, or who does not render a vote, i.e., does not vote, shall NOT be made to pay a tax, or whatever other assessment which might be collected to administer that particular law, rule, or regulation. This is to say, that even though a ballot measure may pass, no voter (or other person) who did not vote in the affirmative for that law, shall be made to pay for the administration of that law, rule, regulation, or whatever other effect in law.

This outlaws the oppression of the minority, at the behest of the majority. If YOU want something, then YOU pay for it, and nobodyelse.

Additionally, for a law, rule, regulation, or other effect in law to be properly administered, at least 80% of the People must be willing to support the administration of that law, rule, or regulation by voting for it. Ergo, the 80% of all registered voters to both show and vote in the affirmative.

But in like kind, no person who either voted against whatever legislation, or who did not vote, shall be allowed to partake of whatever ‘benefit’ of that law, rule, or regulation, except upon proper back-payment equal to whatever anyone else who voted for it, shall have paid priorly, the extent of which shall not be for more than however long the law was enacted/reenacted.


[2f] Sunset for all laws

With the exception of the respective constitutions (state and federal), all statutory, or other laws, including treaties, shall sunset, i.e., become null and void, at the end of their third standard year (1095 calendar days) in existence, unless the electorate votes by the same 80% supermajority of ALL registered voters to continue the law for another three years. Any law, rule, or regulation which fails to be reenacted by the 80% supermajority vote, shall be prohibited from appearing on the ballot for not less than 20 years (the 20 year rule).

However, by a simple 20-plus percent vote (more than 20.0% of all resident voters), a law, rule, or regulation may be struck during any plebiscite. A law so struck shall be subject to the 20 year rule. Since a law requires 80% of the resident voters in order to enact, then consonantly, a mere 20-plus percent should serve to overturn a law, as fewer than 80% will be willing to sustain that law

For any law, rule, or regulation to become constitutional, i.e., added to the constitution of either a state, or to the federal constitution, it must have been successfully reenacted not less than 20 consecutive times in a period of 60 years, whereupon it shall placed on the ballot to become constitutional law, but again shall still require the 80% supermajority vote of ALL registered voters for success.


[2g] The commerce clause (Art. I, Sect. 8, clause 3)

The Congress shall NOT possess any power to either regulate, or interfere in whatever commerce conducted within the boundaries of any state or territory, and shall NOT possess any authority to impinge upon the entirely private transactions across state lines between private individuals who themselves are not engaged in public/commercial business transactions. Neither shall the United States, nor shall the States or territories of the United States have the power to lay and collect taxes, fees, levies, liens or other revenue generation measures on articles in commerce across state or territorial boundaries, or between the states and/or whatever territory, and the Indian Nations. NO tax, fees, levies, liens or other revenue generation measure shall be lain upon any movable articles/objects in private commerce, or trade between private individuals.

The entirety of the Commerce clause shall be taken to mean that the United States is to ensure the unimpeded commerce between the States, the territories, and the Indian Nations, such as to prevent restraint of trade, and for no other purposes. However, the Indian Nations —being sovereign unto themselves— are possessing of original authority to determine what articles in commerce shall either enter, or depart their jurisdictions, and/or territories, and to lay, and collect whatever taxes or other revenue generation measures as they may think proper for themselves.

Additionally, if any of the Indian Nations purchases real property, i.e., land, outside the boundaries of their nation, that land shall from thence be considered a part of their nation, with the United States, and the several States, and territories legally obliged to fully recognise that possession without reservation.


[2h] The term ‘national security

The term ‘national security’ —or any other equivalent term— shall hereafter be outlawed from use by whatever government entity, inasmuch as that term has been subverted endlessly by those in elected, and appointed office as a means of suppressing the free, and open expression of human thought, as well as for concealing the truer intent of those employing that term. No law, rule, regulation, or other effect in law shall issue which employs that term, either directly, indirectly, or obliquely.


[2i] Political Action Committees

In NO WAY, MANNER, FASHION, SHAPE, OR FORM, shall ANY person, group or other political interest(s), be allowed/afforded the ability to either raise, collect, and/or disburse funds for whatever purpose —or otherwise attempt— to influence the political atmosphere of either the United States, of the several States, or territories. Any person or group found to have engaged in such activity where a foreign interest is involved —however tenuously or obliquely connected— shall be charged with both espionage, and treason. External entities found to have engaged in such activity shall be charged with making war against the United States.


[2j] No agency of government exempt from full disclosure when called forth by the Congress, and/or the respective legislatures of the states, or territories

At any time that the Congress shall call forth any member of whatever agency of government, or their assigns, such persons as may be called forth to testify, shall —without objection— appear before whatever panel as has been assembled, and produce all relevant information regarding the matter(s) under investigation which may be called for without immunity or appeal to the Fifth Article of Amendment. At NO TIME shall any of the aforementioned persons be exempt from producing the called for relevant information, with the only exception being that of classified military equipment specifications, and/or capabilities.


[3] The powers of the executive, ‘state secrets,’ and implied powers; the legislative, and that matter of war; implied powers; executive orders/memoranda; war, martial law, declared emergencies; positioning of troops, foreign and domestic


[3a] The powers of the executive, ‘state secrets,’ and implied powers

There shall be no such thing as ‘executive privilege.’ All acts conducted by the President, or any other person in elected or appointed office, shall be public knowledge, UNLESS via unanimous vote —no abstentions allowed— by either the U.S. Supreme Court for federal matters, or the Supreme Courts of the several states for state concerns, that a matter should remain classified for the purposes of protecting INNOCENT life and limb, or on matters of military equipment technical capabilities and/or specifications. In cases where a judge must recuse, a supernumerary judge shall be posted to fill that position for that determination.

But in NO CASE of the former, shall such a ruling last longer than a period of 12 years. Upon expiration of that period, ALL information shall be fully released without redaction. In the case of military equipment where entirely technical information relates to equipment specifications, and/or capabilities is deemed critical to the national defence, no release shall be made except in a closed session of a convened court, should one or another technical matter become a —or the— subject in the legal defence of a defendant.

All acts —regardless— conducted under the aegis of the United States Constitution, and all inferior law, shall be public knowledge, and NO act conducted in the name of the United States shall be made secret. Any person found, or discovered to be purposefully engaging in the intentional secreting of such knowledge shall be charged with the crime of treason, and if applicable, espionage, and/or whatever other charges related to the act(s) of withholding that knowledge which may have resulted in deleterious effect. The whole idea of ‘state secrets’ otherwise, is fraught with nothing less than collusion, and/or conspiracy to conceal what is/are otherwise criminal, or other infamous/nefarious acts.

There shall be no such thing as ‘implied powers.’ Either powers are expressly enumerated, or they are not, and if not, are therefore without legal/lawful expression. The entirely corrupt, and totally dishonest doctrine of ‘implied powers’ shall hereafter be declared inoperative, and without force of law anywhere in the United States, the several states, territories, and any place where the United States shall have primacy in law.

Either a government office has, in no uncertain terms, an expressly stated power to act, or it does not. The Constitution is the railroad track upon which the engine of government MUST travel; where there are NO tracks, i.e., very specific, and unambiguous statements conveying an authorisation to exercise a power, then there can NOT be ANY lawful, or legal exercise of that power.

Any person in elected, or appointed office, whom resorts to whatever act in violation of this prohibition shall be removed from office, and charged appropriate to whatever consequential harm was done, and prohibited from holding any office of trust thereafter, in any place where the United States shall have supremacy in law.


[3B] Executive Orders, Directives, and a other Executive Memoranda.

Executive orders, directives, memoranda, or whatever other executive issuances, shall apply ONLY to the executive sphere of influence. The President shall have —within THE STRICTEST of Constitutional boundaries— the authority to prescribe directives regarding the operations of the various executive departments, but in NO CASE, regardless, shall he —or any other person— possess the power to make ANY law, rule, or regulation, whatsoever, which shall not have been clearly, and with absolute certainty, enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, and this includes the express prohibition against any infringement upon whatever individual right of the People, regardless, and any attempt to do such, shall be considered high treason, and cause for IMMEDIATE removal from office.

In whatever case of the above, NO order, directive, memorandum, or other issuance from whatever executive office shall take effect,until the FULL Congress assembled has had the time to sufficiently assess the impacts of said orders, directives, memoranda, or other such issuances, with concurrence by not less than 3/4ths of both houses of the Congress. At any time, one-half of the states and territories may nullify any executive order or other such executive directive.


[3c] Those matters of war, martial law, declared emergencies, the suspending of either the U.S. Constitution, or any State Constitution; the ‘crime’ of sedition;

The ONLY Constitutionally valid reason for waging a war against another nation or other entity, is in the self-defence of this nation  itself, AFTER the fact of an attack has been undertaken or has been launched against the United States, the several states, or the territories of the United States, and for no other reasons. There shall be no such thing as ‘pre-emptive’ war initiated by the United States against any nation, or other entity.

The United States shall be prohibited from entering into treaties of mutual defence, or other such agreements where military force may be employed.

In NO CASE shall any military (or other) forces of the United States be deployed for any belligerent purpose(s), regardless, otherwise. Further, such forces of the United States shall NOT engage in, or be employed in whatever provocative acts against any person, or nation, for any reason, without there not having been a declaration of war beforehand, approved by the People themselves.

Neither shall the President, nor any other elected or appointed public servant make any declaration(s) regarding martial law, nor of suspending the U.S. Constitution, or the Constitution of any State.

Martial law or other such state of affairs to be outlawed within the shores, borders, and territories of the United States. Under NO circumstances or conditions shall any such state of affairs exist, including in times of declared war. At best, or at worst, the civilian populace shall be fully assessed of matters such as to afford them the fullest opportunity to prepare for whatever contingencies, and exigencies. If a call to arms is seen as necessary, then all able-bodied men shall report for duty to their local militia commanders at their respective locations, unless undo hardship will result for family members.

In whatever case of the above, or otherwise, no declaration of a ‘national emergency’ or other such announcement or proclamation shall exist for longer than 90 calendar days, with the People themselves in subsequent plebiscites reauthorising any further extensions after each individual 90 day interval.

In that matter of declared war with another nation, or whomever, the electorate MUST be assessed of the entirety of collected evidence such as to fully inform them of the situation, and to allow them to comprehend to the largest extent possible, the implications, and ramifications of proceeding to a declaration of war. A complete evaluation of matters MUST be conducted to determine the truth, or the deceptions which might be involved, i.e., false flag operations. National governments, along with private business interests, have long been known to ‘wage war against themselves’ in order to entice entirely unjustified wars against other peoples, and nations.

ONLY the People themselves may directly declare war, with the requisite 80% supermajority mandated. Under NO circumstances shall the President, or the Congress be allowed to conduct belligerent military operations against anyone or nation, without there being ABSOLUTE PROOF POSITIVE of an untoward act of aggression against any of the States, the United States, its territories, and/or its forces, to be supported by oath and unconditional affirmation, presenting the unequivocal, and undeniable proof of such aggression.

Private business interests, and private persons living, or working in foreign lands cannot make valid appeal to military action on their own behalf, inasmuch as they have pursued for themselves their own destiny. At best, all which they might appeal, is intercession via diplomatic entreaty.

Under NO circumstance shall mercenaries of whatever sort be employed/contracted by the United States, or the several States, and territories —in whatever capacity— in times of peace. In times of declared war, no mercenary shall operate within the shores, borders, or territories of the United States, under penalty of death for both they, and those persons authorising such acts.

As an adjunct to the foregoing, only in those instances of a direct attack upon the shores, borders, territories and shipping of the United States, shall the President involve the armed forces of the United States, and then only in a defensive posture such as to repel, and interdict an attacker’s forces effectively eliminating the threat in the near term. But this shall not in any way —however obliquely— convey the authority to carry a war to a foreign place or adversary.

Any person, no matter, who follows whatever order issued by the President, or any other elected or appointed public servant, which falls outside of law —any, and all legalities regardless— shall be considered as traitorous, and charged with the crime of treason. Complete lawfulness of each and every act shall be the hallmark under which the elected, appointed, commissioned, and non-commissioned members of the armed services shall conduct themselves. In like fashion, any person —elected or appointed— who issues forth an illegal order shall be immediately arrested by any person(s) present, and charged with treason. Any person knowing of such perfidy who neglects to properly report the matter to relevant other authority, shall be charged as an accessory to the fact.

Any elected, and/or appointed public servant —regardless— who votes to wage war, shall be summarily required to report for induction into the various military organisations at the lowest pay grade. However, those with physically debilitating conditions shall mandatorily serve in immediate support roles closest to whatever front. All others voting to support a war shall be made to serve at the combat forefront. If you want to wage a war against an external enemy, then you should have the fortitude to lead the charge at the front.

No member of the executive, the legislative, or the judicial shall make any attempt to exempt themselves from whatever law. Further, no judge or prosecutor shall be above the law, and in all cases shall be fully held to account for all of their official acts, possessing NO immunity from criminal prosecution, or civil tort. In any case where either a judge or a prosecutor is found guilty of the charges lain, that person’s entire estate shall be confiscated, and the proceeds used to remunerate the offended party/parties, and be sentenced to treble time for the criminal act. If an untimely death has resulted, then the death penalty shall be mandatory.

No such crime as ‘sedition’ shall exist within the shores, borders, or territories of the United States or any other place where the United States shall have primacy in law, inasmuch as the Declaration of Independence expressly declares the RIGHT of the People to decide for themselves what kind of government they shall have, and the conduct of government, itself which connotes the RIGHT to speak out against any, and all violations of their rights, however real or imagined.


[3e] The positioning of troops, foreign and domestic

Under NO circumstances shall ANY foreign military force, police/law enforcement or other such personnel be stationed, assigned, or deployed in whatever capacity within the shores, borders, or territories of the United States, during times of peace, and only in very limited and stringently specified capacity in times of declared war. Consonantly, those same restrictions shall apply to U.S. military, police/law enforcement personnel as regards to foreign lands, and situations.


[4] The Common Law, Writs of Mandamus; civil asset forfeiture; ‘Admiralty Law’; corporate law, administrative law, and ‘black budgets’.


[4a] The Common Law

Common Law courts shall be the ONLY courts allowed in any place where the United States shall exercise primacy in law

[4b] Writs of Mandamus
Writs of Mandamus shall be restricted to matters of settled law only, i.e., in no case shall a writ of mandamus be originated prior to the final legal decision concerning a particular matter directly, unless a life —human or otherwise— is hanging in the balance, i.e., in immediate threat of the loss of that life.


[4c] Civil asset forfeiture
In NO CASE shall ANY property be subject to a suit at law, regardless. The whole concept of ‘civil asset forfeiture’ shall be without valid existence.


[4d] ‘Admiralty Law’

So-called ‘Admiralty Law’ shall be outlawed anywhere the United States shall have primacy in law.


[4e] Corporate law
NO aspect of ‘corporate law’ shall find ANY validity in ANY law court of the United States, the several States, territories, or any other place where the United States shall have primacy in law, and NO foreign corporation shall be allowed whatever appeal to any court of the United States, regardless.


[4f] Administrate law
There shall be no such thing as ‘administrative law,’ and no court shall engage in any such proceedings. Any charges levelled at an individual or group, shall follow under criminal law only.


[4g] Black budgets
Under no circumstances shall any agency of government attempt to hide their budget, or any portion thereof, from public scrutiny. Complete transparency for all expenditures shall exist.


[5] On that matter of spying;

Neither shall any department or agency of the United States, any State, territory or their assigns engage in the spying upon of any person or group within the shores, borders, or territories of the United States unless upon presentment to a panel of five randomly selected judges who themselves shall —individually— exert every effort to ascertain the validity of the request, and UNANIMOUSLY agree to the act for the single reason specified, and for no other purpose. Any such authorisation must strictly comply with the relevant aspects of the Fourth, and 14th Articles of Amendment.

The duration of any such request made shall not exceed 30 calendar days, unless upon further presentment to the same panel of judges of positive and sustainable evidence collected which would tend to support an additional 30 calendar days. At the end of the spying period, whereupon no valid and/or relevant evidence shall have been collected, the person or persons subject to the spying shall be assessed of the matter, provided with notarised, and un-redacted copies of all relevant documents, along with any other evidentiary materials collected, including the names of all those persons involved in the operation, and their accusers, regardless.

Further, in no case —regardless— shall the United States enter into whatever co-operative agreement with a foreign government, or other entity, which facilitates the exchange of whatever intelligence data, except in a time of declared war only. Any person(s) found to be in violation of this prohibition shall be charged under the conspiracy, and espionage laws, and be subject to both civil and criminal penalties.




[6] Printed/minted specie; Printed Specie use; Precious metal minted coins; Taxes, fees, levies, etc.; The Specie balance tax; Fees, imposts, duties, and excises on imported goods; So-called ‘Foreign aid’ and subsidies of whatever sort; Income, Real Estate, and Property taxation; Disallowance Of Exceptions Regarding Federal Funding for state matters; Loans to private business interests;


[6a] Printed/minted Specie, and use thereof;
The maximum amount of printed specie (paper money), or coined specie with a face value in circulation at any given time shall be determined by the latest census of the enumeration, such that (for example) not more than 1 million dollars per capita shall be issued, and in circulation, excerpt in time of declared war. At all other times, excess circulated specie shall be removed, and reported upon by the Treasury to the U.S. Congress, and the several states. This shall be used to stringently minimise both inflation, and deflation. On a daily basis, the treasury shall issue forth a notice regarding the value of the currency against whatever precious metals are used in international trade. Any citizen may, upon presentment of specie, obtain from the treasury, the appropriate value in whatever precious metal(s), as determined by the current inventory of that specie. All specie exchanged for ‘real money,’ i.e.,precious, or other metals, shall be removed from circulation, and either sequestered or destroyed.

Exchange of national specie with that of foreign specie may take place ONLY via precious, or other metals.

ALL national specie shall be serialised with a unique number, readable via code readers to be employed by all places of commerce such as to track its use, and location in commerce. This feature will serve to prevent the easy introduction of counterfeit specie.


[6b] Printed Specie use
The printed specie (paper money) shall be valid ONLY within the shores, borders, and territories of the United States, and NO OTHER PLACE. This is to say that U.S. currency trading shall be ILLEGAL, in whatever form, and any U.S. citizen discovered to be involved in such a trading, and/or counterfeiting scheme shall be charged with high treason. Any other person —or nation— found to be involved in such a trading or counterfeiting scheme shall be charged with waging war against the United States, and suffer the appropriate consequences as defined by law.


[6c] Precious metal minted coins
All precious metal coinage shall be by internationally agreed upon purity, and weights, i.e., fineness, troy ounces, etc., such that they are universally acceptable in trade. No precious metal coin shall be issued with a ‘face value.’ So while the specie may vary in value by way of the quantity in circulation, the coins shall retain the intrinsic value of the metal employed.

The portability of wealth beyond national borders, shall be either by precious metals, or via agreed upon methods arrived at by treaty, such that no national specie of whatever type (i.e., paper money, minted coin with a face value, or other non-intrinsic financial instrument) shall be involved in that exchange. This affords transnational financial exchanges.


[6d] Taxes, fees, levies, etc.;
When a tax is collected because a voter decided to pay it —by voting for it— the proceeds of that tax collection shall NOT be used for any other thing, regardless. This abandons the so-called ‘general fund’ principal used in almost all government, and which has resulted in numerous extraneous spending practices, along with rising taxes to fund things which the People never intended.

Further, once the actual needs expressed by law are met, then no further taxes shall be collected for that item, and all collections for that item shall cease, for that taxing period. Any overages shall be transferred to emergency services funding (fire, ambulance, etc.).

ALL other revenue generation shall be by user fees, whereupon any person requesting the necessary services of a governmental entity, shall be charged for the true, and actual total expense of that matter, and for no other thing, or purposes.


[6e] The Specie balance tax
The only federal tax which may be levied, shall be a ‘national sales tax’, itself which shall happen ONLY when the U.S. Treasury shall determine such to be necessary in order to balance the amount of specie in circulation, and shall NOT exceed 5%, whereupon when the statutory balance of specie has been reached, the tax shall cease. All such taxes collected in the form of specie, shall be removed from circulation, and either sequestered or destroyed. This tax shall not apply to articles of basic food stuffs.


[6f] Fees, imposts, duties, and excises on imported goods
All imported goods, regardless, shall be subject to an equalisation assessment relative to the manufacturing costs imposed upon national industry —by whatever government regulations— such that an imported item shall be assessed a tax equal to that which increases the cost of what it takes to produce that same like item nationally as a result of whatever imposed regulation(s). This assessment shall apply TO ONLY those goods where the point of origin either possess no such regulations, or where such regulations are imposed to a lesser degree than those imposed nationally. Such assessments shall additionally include a further charge equal to whatever subsidy has been afforded the foreign industry/source/product at whatever point in its manufacture and/or transport.

All other items which are themselves unique, and which are not produced nationally, shall be assessed a 1% tax based upon their value in fair trade.


[6g] So-called ‘Foreign aid’ and subsidies of whatever sort
Neither shall the United States, any state or territory, nor any political subdivision thereof, engage in whatever taxation for, or otherwise provide whatever benefit/support of whatever political entity or any group thereof, i.e., national, international or transnational political or other entities which represent(s) whatever such interests, however tenuous.

No aspect of so-called ‘foreign aid’ or domestic subsidies of whatever kind or type to private interests shall be engaged in by either the United States, the several States, Territories or their political subdivisions. Any such assistance shall rest entirely with the individual citizens themselves, to act upon as they may see fit —or not— individually.

[6h] Income, Real Estate, and Property taxation
Because the United States has all the authority it needs to publish the necessary specie to accomplish those necessary acts specified by the U.S. Constitution, it is therefore seen that any such things as ‘income’ taxes, ‘real estate’ taxes, ‘property’ taxes, and the myriad of other extraneous taxes are without validity, and so shall not be levied anywhere in the United States, the several states, or territories.

No more shall the Congress ‘borrow’ money on the credit of the United States (actually the People themselves), nor shall the U.S. Treasury issue whatever bonds. And neither shall the several states, or their municipalities issue bonds, as there would be no need for any such issuances, inasmuch as each of the states may attend the needs of their respective municipalities via grants from the national treasury for civil engineering projects, should that be seen as necessary.

Private central banks issue paper money which is backed by absolutely nothing. Then, with that unbacked money, they then purchase U.S. Treasury bonds, municipal bonds, and other financial instruments, with the intent in mind of charging egregious interest (usury) for that published money.

Imagine that: The U.S. Treasury prints money —which is backed by nothing— and then gives it to the Federal Reserve, who then lends it back at interest!

There is absolutely ZERO need to ‘borrow’ money at interest from a private central bank —or anyone else— when the United States may publish its own paper money at ZERO interest, and owe nobody anything at all.

THINK about that: There would NEVER again be any such thing as ‘a national debt,’ for it simply would NOT exist!

There must be VERY SPECIFIC Constitutional limits placed upon the amount of specie in circulation at any given time, such as to strictly control inflation (too much money), or deflation (not enough money). The Congress (through the People themselves) would determine that proper amount, with allowances for special needs, such as declared war, national disasters, etc. But in the end, in order to maintain the proper balance, and recall excess specie, the United States shall levy a 5% sales tax on non-food items in commerce. Said tax to remain in enforcement until the balance of specie is attained.

The states may borrow money from the national treasury for the purposes of administration of their needs. Repayment shall be via  a sales tax which shall not exceed  5% for non-food items. But in no case shall the Congress, the several states or territories increase the emoluments to public servants without the People voting for such in a quarterly plebiscite, being subject to the 80% rule.


[6i] Disallowance Of Exceptions Regarding Federal Funding for state matters

In no case of any of the foregoing, neither shall the United States, nor any department or agency thereof, lay whatever condition(s) upon any State or Territory which shall in any way, manner, fashion, shape, or form —however obliquely—, infringe upon the individual rights of the People, or of the Constitutional powers of the States (Tenth Article of Amendment) as a condition to receive federally supplied funding for whatever item or purpose. All such loans to the States, and Territories of the United States shall be unconditional, without exception.


[6j] Loans to private business interests
To obviate the existence of private banks, the United States Treasury shall have the authority to make no-interest loans to any private —non-corporate— business concerns possessing of the valid, and certified need for a loan, necessary to carry into fruition the successful completion of a venture, whereupon with pay-back of that loan, the money shall be removed from circulation in order to balance the circulation of printed specie.

However, in NO CASE regarding the use of such loans, shall anysuch business entity conduct whatever business, or monetary dealings with whatever corporate entity, such as to transfer business beyond the shores, borders, or territories of the United States. Nor shall any such loan be used for personal enrichment in whatever way.

In the case of private individuals, State operated banks may make direct no-interest loans for the purposes of real estate acquisition, higher and/or technical education, but all such payments shall be made to the seller/provider, and not to the loanee. In no case regarding real estate acquisition, may such loans be made for speculative purposes, and the loan must be for a primary residence only.

All other loans shall be via through a credit union.




[7] The Census of the Enumeration

NO census of the enumeration shall require ANYTHING other than the total number of living souls residing permanently —and legally— at any particular residence, at the time of the census. And, NO other questions shall be put forth, for whatever reason(s) otherwise, regardless. For the purposes of definition, a permanent resident is someone whom has declared that residence his domicile. Temporary others, i.e., transients, shall not be counted.




[8] The outlawing of all private banks, and the borrowing on the credit of the United States, with the obviation of ALL federal tax collections, with ONE exception; ALL corporations —public or private— regardless, to be outlawed, stock markets to be highly regulated to prevent financial rapine.

An appropriate quote:


“(B)anking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

~ Thomas Jefferson ~


The United States has the sole authority to create currency, and specie (paper money and coins) under Art. I, Sect.8, clause (5) of the U.S. Constitution. There is no need to borrow anything in the way of money from any entity, public or private. The issuance of whatever bonds by the U.S. Treasury shall be unlawful for any, and all purposes.

Anyone who has read history, and has comprehended it to its fullest extent, knows full well that the mind of man has produced two of the most evil, and vile machinations of which one might conceive, and those are private banks, and corporations.

Privately held banks are the spawn of pure evil. You may well consider that they are bent otherwise to take egregious advantage of both borrowers and depositors alike, whilst enriching themselves beyond reason at everyone else’s expense. There really is NO VALID REASON to allow their existence to continue.

Corporations exist for one reason only: To immensely benefit a cadre of insiders, at the expense of the customers, the shareholders, and the employees. Therefore, ALL corporations should be outlawed, and this includes government corporations of whatever type. Neither shall the United States, nor any state or political subdivision thereof seek to incorporate, and all existing corporations shall be outlawed.

With the elimination of private banks, and by allowing public banks and credit unions only —themselves which benefit their depositors, and not just the few, or a one as is the case with private banks— borrowing rates of interest would be kept to a naturally low level, inasmuch as all borrowers pay the same rate of interest, which is far lower than any privately owned bank.

Further yet, credit unions can’t be ‘owned’ by anyone except the members. So, they can’t ‘buy-out’ other credit unions and become larger entities, as frequently happens with banks. Certainly credit unions might merger to benefit the members as the case(s) might arise.

Private banks engage in usury, i.e., the practice of lending money at egregiously high rates of interest, and that practice would cease with the end of all such banks.

With the elimination of corporations, and at most, allowing Limited Liability Companies (LLC), there would still be shareholders, and boards of directors would still exist if seen as desirable, but share holders would have DIRECT control over the direction of those LLC’s, the payment of compensation to the CEO, board of directors (if any), and the rest of the company’s financial picture, instead of a cadre of insiders who couldn’t care less about those shareholders, and the employees.

No person owing controlling stock/interest in one company, shall be allowed to own controlling stock/interest in any other company. And, no person owning a company, shall be allowed to own controlling stock in any other company.

Further, no person shall sit upon more than one board of directors anywhere, nor he offer his services in whatever way otherwise to any other company in that regard.

This would serve to eliminate the entirely incestuous business practices which exist in the present sense, where anti-competitive practices are engaged in by individuals who sit upon multiple boards of directors across diverse corporations. Classic cases in point are the multinational oil corporations, banks, insurance, and investment companies, amongst others.

No U.S. citizen shall be allowed to either own stock in any foreign corporation, or bank, or sit upon the board of whatever corporation or bank without first PERMANENTLY surrendering his U.S. citizenship, and registering with the U.S. Department of State as a foreign agent.

Foreign nations/governments, corporations, and or private banks, shall be forbidden the ownership of real property, or the ability to operate in any place within the shores, borders, or territories of the United States, or anywhere else the United States government shall have primacy in law. They shall be barred from stock trading in the United States, and/or holding stock in any U.S. business interest. No foreign person connected in any way —however obliquely— with a foreign corporation, or private bank shall be allowed to either own, or trade in the stock of any U.S. company.

The United States, and EVERY state, and territory, shall be FORBIDDEN from having ANY business dealings or connections with ANY private bank or whatever corporation, either directly, or indirectly.

Currently, there are several thousand individuals in the U.S. (as elsewhere) who sit on the boards of directors on MANY corporations, influencing the operations of those corporations to suit their own individual profits at everyone else’s expense.

Constitutional constraints shall limit the compensation that any company might receive when providing products and/or services to government, during times of war, such as to eliminate the thoroughly egregious profiteering at the expense of the People.

From the federal government, on down to the least level of government in the several states, and territories, incorporation is outlawed. NO government entity shall be allowed to ‘incorporate,’ and thereby borrow money in the name of their constituents.

The ‘incorporation racket’ shall be outlawed forever, and prevent thoroughly dishonest individuals in government from financially enslaving their constituents though endless borrowing from others, for entirely spurious, or invented purposes, themselves which are used to keep those constituents enslaved perpetually, and to keep the dishonest in office perpetually.

In the stock markets, the unwary, and uninformed, are often ‘used’ endlessly to line the pockets of insiders, and the various financial predators. To stop such acts, all trading shall be mandated to be conducted at the personal level such that so-called ‘high-speed trading’ is outlawed.

Additionally, NO PERSON, or other entity, shall be allowed to sell large blocks of stock without the other shareholders approval, such that they ALL share in the proceeds equally. This is to say, that anyone ‘dumping’ his stock in whatever enterprise, will have to first wait until ALL OTHER share holders agree to ‘dump’ their stock, and partake of the proceeds in an equal fashion. Lacking that, the stock sell-back would be ONLY at the ORIGINAL trading price, and NOT result in any stock depreciation for any other stock holder(s), such as eliminate leaving other stockholders holding a worthless stock, and losing money in the process. The only exception to this, is the very gradual sell-off of stock such as for retirement purposes, over an extended period of years.



[9] If you don’t personally own it, then it’s not yours to play with

Now we come to a most important point: So-called ‘eminent domain.’

No such thing exists in a truly FREE republic. If you own something, and someone —or several of them— desires to possess it, then they MUST either meet YOUR price, or they can’t obtain it. And if your price doesn’t exist, then THEY must GO AWAY, and leave YOU alone, PERIOD! All such attempts to acquire whatever property MUST be recorded in an officially maintained record, open to the public for their inspection.

At present, all of us are at an EXTREME disadvantage, because government, and colluding private business interests may play endless games on this matter.

Therefore, that portion of the Fifth Article of Amendment regarding the taking of property is superseded, repealed, and inoperable.

Coupled with that is: NO real estate, i.e. buildings, and/or the lands upon which those exist, shall be allowed to be taxed in whatever way, UNTIL such date which that/those are sold, and/or traded OUTSIDE of lineal (inherited) hands.

No man, or woman should EVER be taxed out of his/her house and home, to put on the street, and made homeless at the behest of an OUT-OF-CONTROL COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, MARXIST, STATIST, FASCIST, or OLIGARCHICAL group of the greedy, grasping, and overreaching.

That further goes for whatever other property may be held by a person, or family.

Further yet, NO STATE, or municipality, may claim ‘mineral rights’ to whatever property which is not directly owned by that state, or municipality.

All of this, you see, serves to keep government well within its intended bounds, and prevents the entirely extraneous, and needless adventures which are fed by endless tax receipts imposed upon the citizenry.

If government MUST live upon ONLY that which they receive, then they WILL NOT DARE venture outside that envelope, lest THEY be held accountable, and taken to task for their thoroughly irresponsible acts! 


[10] The United States Supreme Court, all other inferior federal courts, and all state courts, and that matter of ‘legal fictions’, and that matter of appeals

[10a] The United States Supreme Court, all other inferior federal courts, and all state courts
No person shall either be elected or appointed to whatever court for a period of longer than 3 years, within the span of 20 years, and which shall include immediate family members or in-laws in that same period of time to the same post.

The U.S. Supreme Court shall consist of the number of individuals equal to the number of states, and territories. The state/territorial legislatures/assembles shall elect from amongst their most qualified candidates, one person each from the several counties to represent them for a period of 3 years.

Any decision rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court, or the State Supreme Courts must be by 3/4th’s the majority in order to pass. But in ALL cases, the courts are mandated to default on the side of maximum individual liberty, without exception. In NO case shall any aspect of ‘corporate law’, ‘admiralty law,’ ‘administrative law,’ or ‘municipal law’ be allowed any purchase whatsoever in whatever decision. The individual citizen’s rights shall be above all, regardless.

In NO CASE shall there be any such thing as ‘secret sessions’ or ‘secret court proceedings.’ ALL proceedings, regardless, are to be open, and fully accessible to the public.


[10b] That matter of ‘legal fictions’

In no way, manner, fashion, shape, or form, shall any such thing as a ‘legal fiction’ exist within the shores, borders, or territories of the United States, or at/in any other place where the United States Constitution shall have supremacy in law, and NO court shall engage in, or issue forth any ruling which recognises any such thing. Either a law exists which the People themselves have clearly, and plainly erected, or it does not. NO GUESSING ALLOWED!

Further, neither shall the United States, nor any State or territory of the United States, recognise or authorise any such thing as a ‘legal fiction.’

[10b] That matter of appeals

The Supreme Court of the United States is hereby mandated to hear every case put before it, and to NOT engage in the practice of selective hearing. In all matters, the rights of the individual shall take precedence over any, and every law, rule, regulation, or other effect in law. There shall be no such thing as a ‘compelling State interest’ whereby the State is seen as being above any of the People, regardless.


~ In Conclusion ~



Lastly, I’d like to offer one additional benefit of such a scheme as I’ve described: No political parties. I’m not suggesting that they be outlawed. Rather what I’m saying here is that they would be obviated by the new paradigm. Why would you have something when it will serve no valid purpose? Who is going to gain, and who is going to lose? Nobody, that’s who. The whole purpose behind the new paradigm is to afford everybody maximum liberty without government interference, as long as each and every person isn’t harming any other person in a real and measurable way. If your personal wealth isn’t being confiscated to serve purposes which are against your best interests, and if you aren’t being made to live life to someone else’s specifications, then why even think of a ‘political party?’

Think about that: Why would any such things as political parties need to exist? Political parties serve no purpose other than to divide, rather than to unite, i.e., ‘it’s us against them.’ Whilst they might be said to ‘unite’ one faction, they —by their very existence— serve to disunite, and disfranchise otherwise.

Well, if there’s nothing to be gained at someone else’s expense, if you can’t ‘get over’ on someone else, then for what purpose would a political party serve?

The very bottom line in this matter is just this: You’re either for maximum human liberty, or you’re against it. I remind you of Thomas Jefferson’s quote at the top of this page:


“Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law,” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”


The entirety of that statement connotes nothing less than: ‘You leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone. If YOU are not harming another person’s life, liberty, and/or property in a real and measurable way, then just how would it be that you’re doing something bad, or wrong, or evil?

And yes, I fully realise that this dear old Earth is comprised of two kinds of people: Those who just want to be left alone, and those who just won’t leave them alone, i.e., the inveterate, meddlesome, control freak, goody two-shoes types who figure that they know better than everyone else about just everything, and by golly they are going to make bloody damned sure that everybody else is forced into their way of thinking, and living, at the point of a gun if necessary, whilst everybody else is —of course— disarmed!

ALL political orders, organisations, systems, and groups require enemies, and whether they be internal, or external, it makes no difference. Divide and conquer has been the hallmark of constituted government established upon political party lines, since the very beginning. And when you consider it, their whole aim has been to create disunity, instigate malevolence, and endless wars with manufactured enemies. This is so because eventually ALL political parties are —sooner or later— subverted to the will of those possessing ulterior motives.

Every group —regardless— will at some point in its existence,be subverted by those with malevolent intent.

George Washington, in his farewell address, spoke rather eloquently about why political parties are anathema to the unity of a nation:

“All obstructions to the execution of the Laws, all combinations and associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, are destructive of this fundamental principle, and of fatal tendency. They [political parties] serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels, and modified by mutual interests.

“However combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people, and to usurp for themselves the reins of government; destroying afterwards the very engines, which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”


“The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.”

George Washington-Farewell address to the nation.

So, instead of political parties, let each adult man, and woman, perceive of matters as they are, comprehend the essence of those, and decide for him/herself how he/she will proceed for him/herself. And remember: Under the new paradigm, you can’t be forced to contribute to a cause with which you disagree, nor may you be forced into doing something which you find antithetically repugnant to your way of life, or be forced into going to a war which you are dead set against, and you may do so without the slightest of repercussions. You can’t be free, if you’re not willing to let all other people be free.

WHO could possibly find any valid thing to speak against all of that? I’ll tell you who: Those intent upon enslaving you, that’s who! It’s time for the end of ALL slavery!

NO ‘government of the people’ would EVER AGAIN have the ability to ‘act in the stead of the People,’ save in the most EXTREME of circumstance, and even then they would have to produce the incontrovertible proof which supported their acts. Lacking such would be their death knell.

In finality then, we arrive at this: Small government, hardly any laws, and few —if any— taxes.

And just think: NO entangling alliances with other nations!

Once again the government would not only have to, but would be FORCED to live within their means, and NOT be allowed to transgress the OTHER peoples of this world WITHOUT just and due cause.

What’s not to like?